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    2006 Suzuki GSXR1000 Orient Express NextUp Engine Kill Control Unit/Ignition Or Up To 8 Injectors/Harness Sold Separately/Gen3 Plug & Play

    Price:  $199.00


    For your 2006 Suzuki GSXR1000
    Gear Position Programmable Gear Position Sensor Input Engine Kill Controller Ignition Or Up To 8 Injectors Harness Sold Separately Plug And Play Gen3 Awesome 0-140ms Kill Time!
    Looking for a smooth shifting, backfire free and easy to program engine kill device for quickshift or airshift applications? This is it ! The Nextup engine kill module is available in plug and play or do it yourself Terminal Strip style versions. This revised unit offers a new feature for semi-auto applications - ZERO kill time! The NextUp with Zero Kill now includes 0-140ms kill time per gear programmability! This eliminates the need for an additional shift counter unit, making installation quicker and easier. This is an improvement over the class leading 20ms kill time offered previously. Fully tested and race proven too!
    The NextUp Zero Kill module features screw terminals for easy universal installation or plug and play dongle to mate with bike specific optional wire harness. Designed for racing and off-road competition use, the Orient Express NextUp is a fully tune-able engine kill controller. This sophisticated device can be used with either an air shifter for drag racing, or with a shift sensor for road racing quick shifter applications. Includes gear position sensor input that works with your stock GPS sensor.
    In a departure from traditional ignition only kill boxes for drag racing applications, the NextUp Engine Kill Controller can be configured to control your ignition system OR up to eight fuel injectors for precision shifting at performance level. Kill time can be independently configured for each gear position, allowing you to dial in your system for normally aspirated, turbo charged or nitrous applications.
    Sophisticated ignition kill module
    Gear position sensor input + gear position programmable
    Cutting edge fuel injection or ignition kill module
    Controls four or eight injectors
    Kill time programmable per gear and from 0-140ms!!!
    On board programming with two pushbuttons for engine kill and delay values
    Easy to read multi-LED display
    Allows full throttle upshifting with quick shifter / air shifter / push button
    Compact design for easy placement
    Works with fuel injected and carbureted motorcycles or ATV's