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    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 29 October, 2017.

    Ballistic Performance EVO Power System Upgrade Kit

    Price:   $49.95 $59.95


    The Ballistic EVO Power System upgrade kit is an Optimate 1 Lithium Charger and an EVO Health Monitor.

    The Optimate 1 Lithium Charger is a fully automatic battery charger specifically designed to charge, optiminze and maintain the Ballistic EVO3 battery. Safe for 24/7 long term unsupervised battery care. A must for vehicles with high parasitic draw and maximum battery life. Plugs directly into the EVO Health Monitor.

    The EVO Health Monitor mount outside the battery box and gives the user "at a glance" indications of when your EVO battery is charged, discharged, over charged. The EVO Health Monitor plugs directly into the Optimate 1 Lithium Charger for easy charging.

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