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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 11 November, 2017.

    BS Battery BTZ14S

    Price:  $65.00


    Replaces Yuasa YTZ14S.

    SLA Factory Activated batteries have all the features of Maintenance Free batteries with the increased power of a radial grid design and additional plates. The main advantages of SLA Batteries are:
    Factory Activated and ready to go Higher life cycle (up to 3 times longer than convential batteries)
    Easy Installation
    Plate sulfation minimized

    BTZ14S Features:
    230 CCA
    11.2 Amp Hour Capacity
    150mm L x 88mm W x 110mm H
    Multi-positional fitment
    Absolutely maintenance free
    Sealed, no gas emmission through a venting hole
    Non spillable

    High power and deep discharge performances
    Extended service life
    No acid handling, very safe
    Suitable for cold weather
    Manufactured in Japan.