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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 November, 2018.

    Dyno Tune 2-2.5-4 LB Bottle Heater kit

    Price:  $149.00


    DynoTune Fully Automatic Nitrous bottle warmers Perform!!!
    This Bottle warmer is one of the best available and uses the smallest most accurate pressure switch available.
    Unlike the competition, ours is fully adjustable! Theirs holds the pressure within 300 PSI, DynoTune's holds it to 50 PSI.
    It comes with all the components to install and is made out of superior components!
    It will work with your existing bottle adapter.
    It will keep your bottle at an optimum pressure 900-950 PSI(adjustable from 550-1250PSI).
    The heater is a full silicone flexible heater with Velcro straps for quick bottle changes.
    Team this up with the Digital Nitrous pressure Gauge you have the most sophisticated Nitrous Pressure control system available.
    Note: Comes with two hole adapter! element size 12.75"x3"