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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 15 September, 2018.

    Scott's Hayabusa Race Stabilizer Kit

    Price:  $485.00


    FITS Hayabusa 1300 WITH OUT Stock Vibration Plate

    The stabilizer itself must be mounted over the centerline of steering stem or pivot point of the forks on a motorcycle, unless you are using linkage that accomplishes the same goal. When ordering a stabilizer only, it will normally come with a standard link-arm, as shown in this picture, that matches the stock bike components that you are ordering it for. Some applications require different lengths and shapes of linkarms due to physical hurdles and depending on the clearances for your particular application. A few special applications do not come with a link-arm at all. Off road stabilizers typically have no rebound valving by design, whereas road bike stabilizer HAVE rebound valving. When buying a stabilizer only it's a good idea to give us as much info as possible in the notes section of the check or specify how you want the link-arm mounted, if you know what you want. The picture shows a "standard" mounted stepped link-arm